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Cloud Solutions

We work closely with Microsoft 365 products and bring the best of these products to the small business office.  Whether it is the forms building, the shared calendar or shared files, we have a benefit that can be harnessed to help you and your business needs.


Our team continually researches security threats and recommends the best antivirus and malware software to limit any damage viruses and malware in the wild may cause you.  We include basic training on malware detection, phishing and ransomware.  You can sleep easy at night knowing that you have done your part in protecting your computers and mobile devices from being hit with any damaging software. 

Backups/Restores & Disaster Recovery

Do you have an appropriate backup of your critical business data? What would happen if your computer would die or get hit with a ransomware attack tomorrow?  How quickly can you get up and running from an event such as this one? We can build a plan with you to ensure that in case you do get hit with this type of threat, your downtime is limited and you can be up and running in the least amount of time.   

Password Protection

Do you keep all your passwords in your phone in Notes or somewhere in an Excel spreadsheet? It's time to get into the 21st century and protect your passwords electronically. Our team will teach you how to protect your most sensitive passwords by using a password keeper and adding an additional layer of security to the software - because nothing is ever secure enough. 

WIFI and VPN Solutions

In today's heavily dependent wireless technology world, there is value in ensuring that your wireless network is setup to handle the traffic required as well as protect you from any security threats.  VPN's are good not only for giving your employees access to your data remotely, but protecting you when working in public places.  We help you plan your WIFI network taking into account any required VPN solutions while making it as simple as possible to manage.

Project Consulting

Is your business growing in leaps and bounds? Do you need to setup your own website, email and other business tools to accommodate your rapid growth?  We can help with all of it. Our comprehensive IT support plans allow for growth and change, which means you can leave the technical to us while you focus on your business.

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