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Why Choose Complete Computer Systems?

What is the number one benefit of your services?

We get to know your business and bring technologies to the table that will help you harness them to build profits and be more effective in your day to day operations. We have comprehensive IT plans that will help you run your business more efficiently and effectively.

What's the difference between your service and a regular IT company?

We build long lasting relationships with our clients by really understanding their business more so then the typical IT company. We focus on our clients' priorities and bring value through software and hardware recommendations.

What do your plans include?

Our plans include support for and recommendations on Microsoft 365 products, password keepers, antivirus/malware/spyware, VPN and WIFI options and regular day to day support.  Our remote access support allows us to access your computers and mobile devices from anywhere, and check your machines for regular updates and configuration. 

What is the cost of a plan?

We have 3 basic monthly plans to choose from starting at $50/month and going up to $200/month.  Please contact us to book a 15 minute consultation to determine which plan is best suited for you and your business goals. 

Do I have to be a small business to sign up for a plan?

We work with small businesses and individuals at large. If you don't have a company but would like to sign up for a plan, we welcome you. Book a 15 minute consultation to determine which plan is best suited for you. 

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