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Microsoft Excel - Do you use it? It's time!

Microsoft Excel has been around for years and is the go to for spreadsheet programs. It is widely used in the business world to manage and analyze data. It is a powerful tool that allows users to organize data, perform calculations, and create visual representations of data.

However, many users are not aware of the many tips and tricks that can save them time and increase their efficiency.

In this article, we will discuss five efficient MS Excel tips and tricks that can help you save time.

1. Memorize the Keyboard Shortcuts

One of the most efficient ways to increase your Excel productivity is to memorize keyboard shortcuts. By using keyboard shortcuts, you can perform common tasks quickly and easily without having to navigate through menus and toolbars.

For example, pressing Ctrl+C will copy selected cells, while Ctrl+V will paste them. Other useful keyboard shortcuts include Ctrl+Z to undo your last action, Ctrl+A to select all cells, and Ctrl+1 to open the format cells dialogue box.

2. Utilize Conditional Formatting to Avoid Manual Entering

Conditional formatting is a powerful tool in Excel that allows you to format cells based on specific conditions. This can save you time by quickly highlighting key indicators to your business and avoiding the need for manual entering of data.

For example, you can use conditional formatting to highlight cells that contain a certain value or to colour code cells based on their values. This can make it easier to spot patterns and trends in your data quickly.

3. Use Excel's Analysis Tool to Analyze Data quickly in a Graphical Format

Charts are an excellent way to display data visually, making it easier to analyze and understand. Excel has a wide range of chart types to choose from, including column, bar, line, pie, and scatter charts.

Use the Analyze Data feature in your Excel spreadsheet and create charts and graphs instantly.

Additionally, charts can be easily updated as new data is added, making it easier to keep your reports up-to-date.

4. Take Advantage of Autofill and Flashfill Features

Excel's autofill and flash fill features can save you time by automatically filling in data based on patterns. Autofill can be used to fill in a series of numbers or dates, while flash fill can be used to extract data from one column and fill it into another column based on a pattern.

For example, if you have a column containing first and last names, you can use flash fill to separate them into two columns automatically.

5. Hyperlink to Other Tabs, Cells, and Sheets

Hyperlinks are an efficient way to navigate between different tabs, cells, and sheets in Excel. By creating hyperlinks, you can quickly jump to the location of a specific cell or sheet without having to scroll through your entire workbook.

Hyperlinks can also be used to link to external websites or files, making it easier to access additional information related to your data.

In our example, the hyperlink takes you to a different tab that summarizes all sales by year, created by the Analyze Data tool in Excel!

Final Thoughts

Memorizing keyboard shortcuts, utilizing conditional formatting, creating charts, taking advantage of autofill and flash fill features, and hyperlinking to other tabs, cells, and sheets can all help you work more efficiently and effectively in Excel. These tips and tricks are easy to learn and can make a significant difference in your productivity. Furthermore, with practice, you can become an Excel expert and save even more time.

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